Are Lighter Coloured Kitchen Cabinets Best Or Darker Cabinets?

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Nothing can make more of an impact on the aesthetic of your kitchen than changing the colour of its cabinets. Not only does it change the look of the kitchen but it also changes the atmosphere of the room and the mood of the people within the room. Colours can create a sense of calm, excitement, or energy. Warmer colours such as reds, oranges, and yellows can make a kitchen feel more inviting and homey, while cooler colours like blues and greens can make a kitchen feel more peaceful and calming., so it’s important to choose colours that create the desired atmosphere.

Before you go and choose any colour that you like it is important to consider some things. Any colour can be made to work, but some colours will work better than others.

1. Kitchen Design
The design of your kitchen will help you eliminate some options, if you have a traditional kitchen, classic, light colours are perfect, whereas if you have a more modern design you should go with brighter darker colours.

2. Size
If your kitchen is on the smaller side, then steer clear from strong dark colours as they will make your kitchen appear cramped. Lighter cabinet colours, however, will open the area up and make it appear more spacious.

3. Natural Light
How much natural light your kitchen receives is very important when it comes to choosing cabinet colours. If your kitchen is dark without much natural light then whites and creams will open up the space and make it look lighter, dark shades will just make the kitchen appear darker.

4. Resale of your House
If you plan to live the rest of your life in the same home then this isn’t an issue but if there is the vague possibility that you may sell your house at some stage in the future it is really important to make sure your kitchen cupboards are a colour that appeals to a majority of people.

Light Or Dark Cabinets
It’s not just the colour that is important, but the shade.. In each case, there are benefits and drawbacks that you will need to consider.

6 Advantages Of Light Cabinets

  1. Lighter colours make The kitchen will appear larger and brighter
  2. White cabinets are a timeless classic they will always be on trend,
  3. Lighter cabinets complement kitchen accessories and appliances
  4. Lighter colours can be used to complement many other colours
  5. Lighter colours reflect more light from their surfaces so they enhance the light in the room
  6. Lighter cabinets are extremely powerful and they can increase the resale value of your home.

6 Advantages Of Dark Cabinets

  1. Darker finishes give a feel of luxury and style to the kitchen
  2. They are bold and can make the decor seem more edgy and interesting
  3. They give more of a cosier feel compared to the more sterile lighter shades
  4. There is a wide range of design possibilities with darker cabinets
  5. In a large kitchen, darker cabinets can give the room a warmer feeling
  6. Food stains and scratches are less visible and noticeable.

Two-toned kitchen cabinets

If you are finding it very difficult to choose a single colour, this year two-toned cabinets have appeared. These involve 2 different colours or 2 different shades on the kitchen cabinets. The combination of colours and shades gives a really sharp, aesthetic very visually interesting. Some homeowners have been selecting different top and bottom cabinet finishes which really impact the aesthetic of the kitchen.