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Why should you choose our Fitted Wardrobes London
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When it comes to bespoke fitted wardrobes London, Jackdaw is the company to trust and the team to call. Our years of invaluable industry experience allows us to carefully craft the most wonderful built in wardrobes, and cheap fitted wardrobes London that can transform your home without breaking your bank balance.

From stylish and space saving fitted wardrobes London flats to beautiful custom made wardrobes in London townhouses, we work closely with customers to ensure that their style requirements are our main focus. Storage solutions such as fitted sliding wardrobes for small homes can be carefully designed to maximise space and make full use of rooms.

As well as our quality craftsmanship, choosing us gives you access to our expert team who can suggest the right solutions for storage and space maximisation. Fitted bedroom wardrobes, built in wardrobes, and fitted bedroom wardrobes London for our customers are just a few of the ideas we can discuss and create.

Contact us today for all your space and storage solutions.

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Tailored Solutions for Awkward Spaces

When we talk about standard storage solutions we often find that they can only ever provide a close, rather than exact match in fit and style. This is where fitted wardrobes London, or built in wardrobes in your home can make all the difference.

With fully bespoke fitted wardrobes London or other precisely made to measure furniture, you can design things to fit your exact requirements and specifications. This means you can design bespoke fitted wardrobes London for your property that will perfectly fit even the most awkward of spaces. For places with sloping eaves or corner spaces, bespoke fitted wardrobes London can be the ideal solution.

For some properties, bespoke fitted wardrobes with sliding doors make installation possible in very small areas that don’t have space for traditional doors to open and close fully.

Our fitted wardrobes for London clients are made with true craftsmanship, genuine quality, and exquisite finishing, making us a trusted company for all your bespoke fitted wardrobes.


Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Whether you’re moving into a new house, or redesigning a room in your current home, space is important, and fitted wardrobes London in homes can offer real solutions and maximise your space. From storage considerations to style preferences, our fitted bedroom wardrobes London can work for homes of all sizes, and we recommend them as a real solution for many.

Utilise Space

Fitted wardrobes London in homes offer the real benefit of space optimisation. Unlike a free-standing wardrobe they can be measured to fit perfectly, with no wasted gaps at each side. With fitted wardrobes London in your home, that utilised space will deliver extra storage. When buying a free-standing wardrobe it can overwhelm a space, whereas our bespoke fitted wardrobes in London homes are tailor made to utilise all your space, as well as fitting smoothly into the design of your room, creating a stress-free way to store and organise clothes and family belongings.


Our bespoke fitted wardrobes London in homes are designed to offer maximum customisation, tailored to your specific needs. Finding a perfectly dimensioned free-standing wardrobe is difficult.. With a fitted wardrobe London in your property, you can design the space inline with your requirements, whether that means a shoe rack, added shelves for extra storage, or longer rails for more clothes. Frustrated that you can never find a wardrobe with the perfect sized mirror? When you select and design one of Jackdaw’s fitted wardrobes London for your house you can have the mirrors you desire. As well as allowing you to view your full outfit, full length mirrors on each door of your wardrobe will give the illusion that your space is bigger than it really is.

Good Investment

Not only is a fitted wardrobe London in your home an investment in style, it could also reap some reward from it in the future if you ever chose to sell your home. Fitted wardrobes in London properties, large or small are an investment for space, helping improve day-to-day life whilst adding value to your home. With more storage space, your things can be organised and kept tidy behind closed doors. A tidy home means a tidy mind, creating the perfect space for you to wind down and relax. With a made to measure fitted wardrobe London in your home, there’ll be no irksome gaps to collect dust like with a free-standing wardrobe.

Bespoke Fitted Modern Wardrobes

When it comes to getting a stunning look and modern design for your rooms, getting bespoke fitted wardrobes London can be a major part of that. From lighting techniques to clever colour schemes, fitted wardrobes can be made to look unique. Bespoke fitted wardrobes London can work well  in London homes with modern, clean lines, whereas fitted bedroom wardrobes in more traditionally styled properties can also transform the look of a room.

When considering bespoke fitted wardrobes for your London place, lighting is an important consideration, especially ambient lighting which can be included in fitted wardrobes London for small or big homes, adding a sleek and seamless look. Other fitted wardrobes London in properties can incorporate recessed strip lighting, which can run from top to bottom inside wardrobes, as well as down walls, both giving your fitted wardrobes that touch of luxury style.

For customers who prefer freestanding wardrobes to bespoke fitted wardrobes London in their property, the use of box ceiling lighting can provide the same desired effect, ensuring that a light theme is brought to darker wardrobe interiors with recess wardrobe lights, sensor activated upon door opening.

Our style of modern bespoke fitted wardrobes London for homes is a combination of high quality, traditional craftsmanship seamlessly intertwined with our high tech engineering. Each of our fitted wardrobes and bespoke fitted wardrobes made for London clients includes high quality materials and modern stylings. Contact us today for more information on bespoke fitted wardrobes in London.

How To Design Your Perfect Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

When it comes to designing fitted wardrobes and fitted wardrobes London for homes, storage needs and space considerations are key. For those who have overflowing cupboards, getting a more functional and practical solution is desirable, which is where fitted wardrobes can be so useful in terms of both storage and practicalities.

When you get built-in wardrobes London at your home, you can be sure that all your clothes, shoes, accessories and other items have a designated storage space, which is always a good idea, a great way to design your fitted wardrobes London.

Many of our bespoke fitted wardrobes London for our customers include a storage-friendly trouser rack, a feature that is ideal when looking to keep your built in wardrobe minimal, as well as allowing great visual access to  trousers and other clothes. These bespoke fitted wardrobes London features help homeowners maintain practical, tidy clothing storage and fewer creased looks. It’s these kinds of benefits that make bespoke fitted wardrobes in London homes really valuable, as they offer both practical and space-conscious solutions.

Put simply, at Jackaw we believe that bespoke fitted wardrobes London, and all built in wardrobes deliver not just storage solutions, but a unique and stylish finish that can reflect the personal style of each client. With fitted wardrobes in small or big flats, a custom made shoe rack is frequently used to optimize space and streamline shoe storage options. As many racks as a customer wants can be included in any of our fitted wardrobes London, allowing for perfect shoe storage and easy access.

For advice and information about bespoke fitted wardrobes London for your home, contact Jackdaw today, and let us get your project done.

Jackdaw fitted wardrobes London - What we do?

When it comes to fitted wardrobes London, Jackdaw Joinery and Furniture Makers is the company to trust for specialized, bespoke, and made-to-measure fitted furniture. From traditional built in wardrobes London in townhouses to modern bespoke fitted wardrobes in flats.

Thanks to our years of industry experience with fitted wardrobes in London properties, we are able to design and install our wide range of furniture, with custom made wardrobes fit for London homes of all kinds and sizes. Our expert craftsmen work closely with clients to ensure that their specific requirements and property needs are addressed, making our fitted wardrobes London ideal for your home in both size and design.

All our bespoke fitted wardrobes London and built in wardrobes for our customers are cut by us at our offsite workshop, delivering both efficiency in our process and less disruption to your home. Our focus is on creating bespoke fitted wardrobes London for our customers that are painted as they want, and designed to meet their requirements, all painted on site when delivered.

Fitted Wardrobes London

Offering both style and value for money, Jackdaw is proud to handcraft a wide range of fitted wardrobe and built in wardrobes London that match your style and create the look you want. From traditional, Victorian style bespoke fitted wardrobes London for older homes to contemporary, sleek and modern fitted wardrobes for newer London properties, our bespoke products will fit your space to perfection while also delivering maximum functionality for everyday use.

When making our range of fitted wardrobes London for our customers, we carefully source and include some traditional details that can recreate classic styles and make truly bespoke fitted wardrobes for any style of London home. Whatever style you may have reflected in your existing room, we can match that with our fitted wardrobes.

All our bespoke fitted wardrobes for London customers start at the design prices, with detailed CAD drawings providing before any work starts. This attention to detail ensures that the fitted wardrobes made for your London home have room for all your clothes and accessories.

Choosing Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London with Jackdaw gives you the freedom!

Whether it’s bespoke fitted wardrobes London for your flat, or handmade custom made wardrobes for your townhouse, bespoke designed furniture gives you the freedom to choose every detail, delivering the storage solutions you need, and tailoring the interior of your wardrobe to suit your clothes and accessories and add your own design flourishes to every surface.

Investing in fitted bedroom wardrobes London for your home storage solutions can add value to your home, and create a feature that will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers in the future.

Every room has potential, and fitted bedroom wardrobes in London properties can help realise it. Our bespoke fitted wardrobes in London homes utilise awkward angles and minimise wasted space. The beauty of fitted and bespoke fitted wardrobes for London clients is versatility, ensuring that every inch can be utilised, because it’s designed and tailored entirely to your room specification.

When you’re planning your bespoke fitted wardrobes London in your property, consider what kind of storage system will provide a place for everything. The interior of fitted wardrobes London homes of all styles, as well as custom made wardrobes for our customers, can be entirely personalised to suit you.

Our design experts work closely with each customer to measure your room and work around any awkward angles to make the absolute most of your space, such is the benefit of built in wardrobes and custom made wardrobes London in many homes. They’ll also help you decide on what storage you need inside your wardrobes.


Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London Styles for your home!

Each of our bespoke kitchen projects in London offer unique results with beautiful products. Using a vast range of high end materials, attention to detail, and exquisite finishing, our handmade kitchens London homes neve fail to impress.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London

At Jackdaw, our bespoke and custom made fitted wardrobes London for our clients homes are made to suit client’s tastes and requirements, and all our bespoke wardrobes in London are designed with individual needs in mind. Colour palettes, finishing touches, planning your unique layout and storage options, our expert designers will deliver a bespoke fitted wardrobes London solution tailored to your home needs.

Walk-Through Wardrobes London

Many of our fitted wardrobe London clients opt for walk-through wardrobes. As with all our bespoke fitted wardrobes London, they are creative and luxurious, each making a true design statement in your home. Thanks to our expert designers and craftsmen, our custom made wardrobes London homes will create a beautifully unique addition to your house, blending our installation seamlessly into your bedroom, creating the illusion of walking through your wardrobe into another world.

Dressing Rooms London

Create the perfect space for getting ready with a bespoke fitted dressing room, enhanced by one of our bespoke fitted wardrobes London in your property. As with any bespoke fitted or custom made wardrobes London in properties of all styles, our fitted wardrobes make a luxurious addition to any home, you’ll never struggle to find space for all your things again. The floor-to-ceiling storage of a dressing room offers clutter-free organisation and easy access to all your shoes, clothes and accessories. Taking the idea of a walk-in wardrobe London to the next level, a dedicated dressing room is an ideal choice for the fashion conscious with room to spare.

Walk in Wardrobes London

Walk-in wardrobes London are an enviable addition to any home, and a popular choice from our range of bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes for our customers. Whether transforming one corner of your bedroom or converting a spare room, having your own personal walk-in wardrobe offers luxury, and fitted wardrobes London can make your home more spacious too. Bespoke fitted wardrobes London and walk-in wardrobes in homes are ideal for keeping your bedroom tidy from clutter, fitted walk-in wardrobes make the most of your space.

The Dream Walk In Wardrobe - Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London

With a portfolio of stunning work, one of our most recent projects is one of our bespoke fitted wardrobes London in a home, a walk in wardrobe that redefines luxury in terms of design while maximizing functionality. At Jackdaw Joinery and Furniture Makers, we believe that each of our bespoke fitted wardrobes London made for our customers should be unique, matching the style you would expect and the requirements of the most discerning clients.

When it comes to the latest of our bespoke fitted wardrobes London for our clients, we had a clear and precise design brief, the creation of true craftsmanship reflected in something simple and beautiful, with the ability to showcase clothes and accessories as well as enhancing the space with an Island unit.

As with all our bespoke fitted wardrobes London for our customers, we embraced clients wishes and set out to create a stunning piece that incorporated all of the above in style, keeping design pure by using a beautiful matt white lacquer with clean, sleek lines. For this particular bespoke fitted wardrobes London in a high end property, we introduced beveled mirrors and clear glass to create the illusion of space which we carefully blended with lighting wall panels created a stunning space.

Making bespoke fitted wardrobes for London customers is a careful process, so we are always careful not to overload any design with too many materials or lighting elements so careful consideration was taken to ensure we achieved the perfect balance.

Our craftsmen made these bespoke fitted wardrobes for a London home that included long walls of the room to be utilized for all clothes and shoe storage with a vanity cabinet desk providing a seat and make up station. The addition of a soft seating area enabled the dressing room to be used as a smart snug, with the island cabinet taking center stage in the walk-in wardrobe with drawers. As with many of our bespoke fitted wardrobes projects in London, our design and storage elements were designed to both maximize usage and deliver a truly stunning look and finish.

Fitted Bedrooms Wardrobes & Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London

Fitted Wardrobes London Can Create Your Dream Bedroom

If you have ever taken a long, hard look at your bedroom, you may have considered how fitted wardrobes London at your home could help create the bedroom you have always wanted. Our team of professional designers is on hand to help you get bespoke fitted wardrobes London for your home that will be unique, allowing your personal style to come through.

Whatever style you may envision for your custom made wardrobes, however individual your bespoke fitted wardrobes London may be, our team will carefully create what you want and make your room even more wonderful than you imagined it could be.

When you choose Jackdaw to create and install your bespoke fitted wardrobes London in your home, rest assured we will create a comfortable, stylish, and highly practical space for you to enjoy.

The Highest Quality Materials For Your Built-In Wardrobes

Using the highest quality materials for all our bespoke wardrobes and fitted wardrobes in London homes is something we never compromise on. As well as this, our fitted bedroom wardrobes are made using the best professional techniques, with fitted wardrobes for London customers that are built to last as well as look good in your space.

Something that makes us unique is our commitment to quality, a promise that guarantees that all our built in wardrobes, bespoke fitted wardrobes, and all our custom made wardrobes for London customers are as durable as they are aesthetically charming.

Our fitted wardrobes are made in a timely manner, without exception, with customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Why would you get Fitted Wardrobes London?

When you opt for fitted wardrobes London for your home, you can create more space for everything from your clothes and shoes to accessories, with bespoke fitted wardrobes tailored exactly to your room and lifestyle. Unlike freestanding wardrobes that leave unused space at the top, sides and behind, our fitted bedroom wardrobes London and fitted sliding wardrobes maximise every part of your room.

A few featured Bespoke Wardrobes London:

Shoe cabinet

Angled Shoe Shelves in fitted wardrobes London : Keep your footwear tidy and protected.
Pull-Out Shoe Drawer: Designed to take both mens’ and womens’ shoes. The drawers click back into place when finished with
Fixed Shoes Rails : Keep your shoes at an accessible angle.


Drawers: Available in an array of depths and sizes to suit any need in our bespoke fitted wardrobes London.
Drawer Dividers: Ideal for neat and tidy storage for built in wardrobes. A great way to display smaller items such as socks and jewellery.
Folding Shelf: Helps keep clothes stored neatly before putting them away. It discreetly slides away under the cabinet work.


Pull-Out Trouser Rack: Keeping trousers sharp and crease free, making daily choices effortlessly simple, a great feature of bespoke built in wardrobes London.
Pull-Out Tie & Belt Rack: Keep your leather and ties in good condition by having it hanging and at an accessible height.

Pull-Out Tie Rack: For easier selection and visibility of your ties, without any other items getting in the way. Holds 32 ties!

Laundry Basket: Collect your washing and keep it out of sight as part of your fitted wardrobes set up. The washable pouch works on smooth runners for easy access. His and Hers are a popular choice.

Tie Bar: The rail takes up no room at all, incorporating it on one side of an internal space or on the back of a hinged door. Useful for scarves and ties.

5 Hook Rack: Hang your more delicate pieces of jewellery so they don’t get tangled up with each other!

Swivel Hook: Useful for selecting clothes whilst dressing. It can turn a full 360 degrees.

LED Lighting: Light up your bespoke fitted wardobes London interiors with our LED lighting.

Built-In Safe: The Neatsmith safe can be installed in various positions, adding an extra measure of security. It has all been tested and certified by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and gained insurance approval by the AiS (Association of Insurance Brokers) for £4000 in cash and £40,000 in valuables.

Glass Shelving: Take your interiors to the next level by incorporating glass shelving.

Built In Cupboard with Lock: For those personal documents and possessions you want to keep under lock and key.

Pull Down Hanging Rail: Allows you to bring the rail up and down efficiently. Perfect way to make use of hard to reach heights.

Swivel Mirror: Folding away neatly to one side of an internal space, this mirror is forever useful for a full view when getting ready.

Internal Mirror: Mirrors can be installed to the inside of hinged doors or even to the back panel of your fitted wardrobes London!

Neatsmith Storage Boxes: These stylish Anthracite boxes are great for storing accessories or out-of-season garments neatly.

The Three Main Types Of Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London

Full Carcass Built-In Wardrobes London

At Jackdaw Joinery, our fitted wardrobes London team is able to carefully craft unique pieces that are identified by a base, top, two-sided, and a back panel. When the doors to this kind of built-in wardrobes London are open, a completely lined wardrobe interior is visible, with advantages including quick and easy installment, a sealed cabinet interior, and easy to dismantle.

Frame Construction Built-In Wardrobe

Another of our bespoke fitted wardrobes London are our frame constructed fitted wardrobe. These pieces include a floor, but no backing panel or side and can be built from floor to ceiling at various distances from the back wall. This kind of bespoke carpentry in built in wardrobes offers many advantages that include ease of access to storage and great design for under-sloping ceilings.

Sliding Door Built-In Wardrobes

Our fitted wardrobes London maker is on hand to make sliding doors built in wardrobes. These fitted wardrobes with sliders are usually created as a basic frame without a backing panel, where the bespoke fitted wardrobes London inside is made as carcass furniture and placed behind the sliding doors. This kind of bespoke wardrobes offers many advantages that include practicality for restricted spaces, slightly cheaper than other fitted wardrobes London, simple design, making them a stunning addition to any room.