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Jackdaw Bespoke Kitchens & Handmade Kitchens London
What Is A Bespoke Kitchens in South London?

When it comes to installing bespoke kitchens in London homes, there are many things to consider. Re-designing space is difficult, so added concerns about the cost and functionality of handmade kitchens for London homes are important elements. Selecting the right bespoke kitchens for London homes means getting the right choice as it is harder to change than furniture or colour schemes once you’re committed.

Buying new bespoke handmade kitchens for London properties is always a big decision and nobody wants to end up with a kitchen they don’t truly love, and we simply won’t let that happen. We work closely with customers to ensure that our bespoke handmade kitchens London homes meet and exceed customer expectations.

Bespoke kitchens for London clients are always unique to personal taste. We have many bespoke kitchens for London customers to choose and modify to taste, ensuring unique designs for every customer. We use the finest natural resources to produce beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry and joinery in many different London homes. Whatever your taste or preference, our bespoke kitchens will transform your London home.

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Customisation. A Growing Trend

When it comes to bespoke kitchens in London, and any other contemporary interior design, customization can be key. As the demand for bespoke and handmade kitchens London increases more and more, the ability and desire for people to customise every aspect of their bespoke kitchens becomes ever more popular. From furniture to fixtures, materials to colours around the room, and even elements of bespoke kitchen islands, people are looking to customize everything, making it reflective of their personal style round the house. With a whole raft of interior designs published on websites and in magazines, people get plenty of ideas about how to design bespoke kitchens and fitted kitchen units London, which is something we take pride in doing with and for our customers. Whether you want to customise one of our bespoke kitchens, stylise one of our handmade kitchens or design your own bespoke kitchen island for your London home, contact us.

Benefits of Bespoke Kitchens London with Jackdaw Bespoke, Fitted & Handmade Kitchens in South London

Planning bespoke kitchens for London homes takes focus, but the results come with many wonderful benefits. For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a luxury bespoke kitchen in their London property can transform their space with more room and higher functionality. When considering bespoke kitchens in London homes, we are here to advise our customers at every stage, and outline the benefits as below.


With all our bespoke kitchens London, customers are our focus. Creating bespoke kitchens is all about being flexible with space, style, and dimensions, going far beyond what a flat pack can deliver. From bespoke kitchen islands London placed homes to fitted kitchen cabinets, we’ve deliver space, flexibility and style.


Many people get bespoke kitchens in Lonodn homes to improve lifestyles and space. Whether a growing family or the need for a modernising new entertainment space, we create luxury bespoke kitchens London, for homeowners that truly transform and deliver the opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle they want and need.

Premium Quality

Our luxury bespoke kitchens in London homes are both unique in style and superior in quality to off the shelf alternatives. From high end bespoke kitchen islands in London terraces to stylish bespoke kitchen cabinets in London flats, we only ever use premium materials and high quality finishes.

Limitless Design

Thanks to our experience and industry expertise, all our bespoke kitchens in London homes offer our customers limitless options for design and personalised style. Whether a class luxury kitchen island for your London mansion or traditional bespoke fitted kitchen cabinets for a smaller London home, your design is our goal, and your personal taste is what we aim to deliver.

Our experts are on hand to help advise customers on design and ideas for bespoke kitchens and bespoke luxury fitted kitchens in London homes of all sizes and styles. Our designers have a passion for interiors with extensive artistic backgrounds, which allows customers to express their own personality, choose every detail & enjoy the limitless opportunity that bespoke kitchen designs in London always bring.

Monika BrogowskaMonika Brogowska
17:57 17 Jan 24
Jackdaw Joinery & Furniture Makers Ltd is a hidden gem! Their craftsmanship is off the charts, and the custom furniture they created for us is a work of art. The team is not just skilled but also passionate about what they do. Easy 5/5 stars for turning our space into something special.
Morgan MorrisMorgan Morris
12:00 21 Apr 23
My experience with this company was simply amazing. I was looking for a custom-made kitchen and they were able to deliver exactly what I wanted. The service was top notch and incredibly professional.
Sarah sheedySarah sheedy
08:06 12 Apr 23
The team were fantastic, they were friendly, professional and kept me informed every step of the way.They really took the time to listen to my needs and help me choose the best options for my kitchen.
Dennis ButtonDennis Button
06:38 11 Feb 23
We’ve always been more for big, Narnia-style wardrobes in this household but, when we moved into our new apartment, we realized we were going to have to choose between having floor space or clambering over the furniture.That’s where these guys come in. Our new fitted wardrobes save so much space, we get to have our cake and eat it too. We could not be more pleased and are recommending this company to all our friends.!!
Carlos AlmengorCarlos Almengor
19:36 07 Feb 23
I looked into getting a custom made wardrobe when I upgraded to a double bed and suddenly couldn’t get my cupboard doors open. Thankfully, this company was able to quote me a reasonable price and a sensible solution. Now that I have a wardrobe with sliding doors, I can easily access all my stuff.!!
Ortiz IillionOrtiz Iillion
11:20 27 Oct 22
Having fitted wardrobes London crafted for my bedroom was a really great experience. The new wardrobes were ready before expected, which was a nice surprise. I am really pleased with them, they look amazing, they fit perfectly and make the bedroom look elegant. The installers were very professional and efficient. They've done a wonderful job. I love having built-in wardrobes!
Johnny MurrayJohnny Murray
11:09 21 Oct 22
We are delighted with our bespoke fitted wardrobes.The wardrobes were fantastic! The quality is impressive. The company has been brilliant from our first contact.They managed to make the wardrobes and install them within a tight time frame. I definitely recommend this company for their service, their workmanship and the quality of their products.
Moly HelenMoly Helen
12:15 27 Jul 22
I have wanted some built in wardrobes and fitted wardrobes in London for a while as my flat has very limited storage as it is. This company helped me maximise every inch of my space and their furniture maker was wonderful.
With a small flat, this company helped me maximise my storage options with some superb fitted wardrobes. London sure has no better company than this for bespoke wardrobes. Highly recommended.

How Jackdaw Fitted Kitchen Units London & Kitchen Cabinet Makers London create a truly Bespoke Kitchen?

When it comes to creating gorgeous bespoke kitchens for our London customers, our design service is all about the client. We work closely with each customer, discussing what they like and ensuring that preferences, space requirements and tastes are included in all our bespoke handmade kitchens in London.

From beautiful bespoke kitchen islands for London townhouses to stylish fitted kitchen units for London flats, our innovative storage solutions help hide bulky appliances and are all bespoke.

Our use of high end technology means that our luxury bespoke kitchens for London homes are designed and created on the screen before going to our cutting machines, allowing our bespoke kitchens in London to be made and delivered more quickly.

As purveyors of luxury bespoke kitchens London, we do not believe in limiting creativity, preferring bespoke results rather than standard products. Though every kitchen will always need a sink and cooker, our kitchen cabinet makes working in London will always work to tailor-made, customer led designs and dimensions, making our bespoke kitchens even more personalised.

With our years of industry experience and varied range of bespoke kitchens and luxury bespoke kitchens London for homes of all kinds, we are proud to be able to offer range of options when it comes to splash-backs, appliances, and other aesthetics such as handles, and can help you to source light fixtures and other features for your bespoke kitchen.


Kitchen Styles Of Our Bespoke Kitchens London



Classic style bespoke kitchens are characterised by white or cream fitted kitchen units London crafted, with simple architectural details and black accents. These hand-made kitchens in London homes give a simple, clean impression. They are a blank slate which homeowners can personalise to meet their own style, using lighting, furniture and other decorative accessories.



If you are looking for a luxury coastal hand-made kitchen London crafted, the key colours are cool shades of blue, seafoam green, light beige and soft pinks, soothing colours reminiscent of the seaside. This style is popular with our bespoke hand-made kitchens found in London homes. Predominantly whiles and creams are used as base colours, which with the blue and green shades present a bright, but relaxing colour palette. Wicker seating and wooden flooring are also found in this style of luxury bespoke kitchens London crafted.

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Bespoke Kitchens London are inspired by the smaller kitchens of the past. These hand-made kitchens London designed are created to be simple and cosy. This luxury bespoke kitchen London design consists of soft colours, vintage hardware, wooden floors and colour accessories and curtains. All are designed to give your kitchen a welcoming and comforting feel. This bespoke kitchen London design is complimented by eclectic accessories and antiques, appliances look good in white or retro colours.


Eclectic Luxury bespoke kitchens London crafted are designed using ideas and objects from wide and varied sources. It is a popular style, allowing for a large mix of different designs. Bespoke kitchen cabinets London crafted can be made in any style or material you prefer. Then all that is needed is to mix and match accessories, furniture and hardware that you like to get the eclectic style you desire



Farmhouse luxury bespoke kitchens London designed are extremely popular. They are warm and welcoming and functional with a strong traditional style, including wide porcelain sinks, wooden shelving and wooden flooring. Many homeowners complement this style with chunky wooden kitchen tables and other wooden furniture. A wide range of colours can be incorporated into this style, although shades of blue, yellow and cream are popular.



Modern Bespoke kitchens London crafted are designed to be minimalistic and without clutter. Strong, clean horizontal lines, frameless fitted cabinets London designed and simply styled hardware. Steel and glass reflective surfaces without visible ornamentation. High-tech appliances complement this style of hand-made kitchens and popular colours are black, red and grey.

Bespoke Kitchens & Luxury Handmade Cabinets​ London

Jackdaw provides luxury bespoke kitchens for London homes, these hand-made kitchens are designed to be fully functional and are crafted to be durable and long-lasting. With stunning designs and meticulous attention to detail, our luxury bespoke kitchens London designed, provide our customers with stylish, functional kitchens with stunning aesthetics.

Designed In London And Made In London

Our stylish range of luxury bespoke kitchens is designed and crafted for London homes. Our bespoke kitchen London design team will be able to incorporate all the details you require into your kitchen design and will combine style with functionality to produce a stunning hand-made kitchen both practical and stylish.

Kitchen Storage

All of our luxury bespoke kitchens and fitted kitchen units are hand-made, by our expert kitchen cabinet makers London based, and customised to your exact requirements and desires. You can personalise the handles, the fitted kitchen unit doors or any other design feature. In addition to the customisation, we ensure all of your available space is used and that you have many storage options.

Hand Fitted Kitchens by our Skilled Craftsmen ​

All of our luxury bespoke kitchens London produced are designed and crafted by our professional team of expert designers and talented kitchen cabinet makers. Our expert kitchen cabinet makers are dedicated to making cabinets in the styles that our customers want. Our handmade kitchens are produced using the finest quality materials, outstanding workmanship and kitchen joinery and the creative designs of our designers. Each kitchen is truly unique and made to your exact requirements.

Kitchen Appliances and Materials

Our design team are highly experienced and enjoys designing gorgeous fitted kitchen units London made for our customers’ homes. From surfaces to splashbacks, they incorporate designs and colours to produce outstanding results. All of our bespoke kitchen islands and bespoke fitted units can be crafted in a range of colours, including spray-painted colours. They are contrasted with various splashbacks, including: oak splashbacks, walnut splashbacks or other timber splashbacks, the different materials that are used have an impact on the final style. The end results are stylish hand-made kitchens with unique designs.
Jackdaw has a wide range of handmade kitchens London designed, with colours, different materials and styles that will suit all tastes. From beautiful wood and quality, natural stone to engineered stone. Our luxury bespoke kitchens London made, come ready to use with high-end appliances. In addition to this, we work with specialist appliance brands like Qhooker taps to bring you specialised features in your new bespoke fitted kitchen.


Kitchen Lighting ​

When designing a quality bespoke kitchen for our London customers, our expert team of experienced designers know that getting the lighting right is critical for a successful unique design. They will add different elements to your design, such as bespoke kitchen islands, in order to get the design perfect for your requirements. They will ensure that your finished hand-made kitchen will be stylish, functional and absolutely stunning.

How Do I choose the Best Bespoke Kitchen & Handmade Kitchen Company in London that Works for Me?

When you are looking for a good, reliable and trusted company for bespoke furniture, one of the best ways to find someone good is by word of mouth.

Companies whose reputations are spread by word of mouth more often than not companies that give amazing service and reasonable prices, don’t need to worry about advertising as their products speak for themselves.

Many hand-made kitchens are crafted by local craftsmen, which have a great reputation and are also trusted and recommended. So try asking around your neighbourhood.

When you find a company that crafts quality bespoke kitchen and fitted kitchen units go and visit their workshop and ask to see some examples of their work. you can request to be guided through their kitchen design process.

When you decide on a craftsman or company you will need to provide measurements and blueprints of the room where you want your handmade kitchen installed. A professional company will ask you to think about your space and layout and will confirm your budget before final plans are drawn up.

They will ask you about the appliances you want to be included in your kitchen, what material and colour preferences you have and also your top budget. All these details need to be planned and decided before any practical work can be performed and deposits of often required at the beginning of the project.

How to Design & Plan the Perfect Bespoke Kitchen in London?

When it comes to creating bespoke kitchens for London’s older properties, a renovation can breathe new life into the heart of your home. Whether modernising or upgrading, bespoke kitchens in London are unique as they can deliver exactly what you need in terms of both design and functionality.

Write a Wishlist 
Whether it’s a full bespoke kitchen or one of our bespoke kitchen islands, we advise London customers to make a list of what you want in your kitchen and where everything will fit. All handmade kitchens in London can be tailored to what you have space for, with some elements being more essential than others, so it’s worth making a list. Creating a wish list for your bespoke kitchen design is a key step in ensuring that the space is both functional and personalised. Prioritising the elements while considering the space available will guide the design process.

Pick your Unique Style
When you decide on one of our bespoke kitchens for your London home, the cost is important. This is why you should always consider who handmade kitchens fit your London home decor overall, to ensure that the style you choose can evolve with your home over the years. Some of our bespoke kitchens in London are traditional, while some of our handmade kitchens are designed to modernize London homes in need of a refresh. Whether it’s the bespoke kitchen island or fitted kitchen units, your London kitchen needs your stamp of style.

Split the Room into Key Zones
When planning bespoke kitchens for London homes of any style or size, layout is key, which is why we suggest zoning. From bespoke kitchen islands in London to carefully placed kitchen cabinets in London, maximising each area of space can be valuable in terms of functionality and use. When designing bespoke kitchens for London residences of varying sizes and architectural styles, strategic layout planning takes centre stage. We recommend implementing zoning techniques, ensuring each section of the space is optimised. Whether it’s the integration of bespoke kitchen islands or the layout of bespoke kitchen cabinets, this meticulous approach ensures the versatility of bespoke kitchens tailored to the heart of the local home.

Trust the Experts
All our bespoke kitchens in London are designed by experts you can trust. Our years of industry expertise help us bring true style to handmade kitchens for London homes of all styles and sizes. Effortlessly combining functionally, practicality and aesthetics, our luxury bespoke kitchens are designed to deliver outstanding results that will always impress. From bespoke kitchen islands to carefully crafted bespoke kitchen cabinets, our London clients get the most efficient and gorgeous results thanks to the value of our experts. For all your luxury bespoke kitchens and advice on creating that perfect handmade kitchen for your London property, contact our expert team today, we will talk you through your options.

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens in London Made to Suit You and Your Style!
Welcome to our Bespoke Kitchen Section Here at Jackdaw

When it comes to creating beautiful bespoke kitchens for London homes, working closely with customers ensures that we get it right, every time. Whether you want sleek and modern fitted kitchen units for your London terrace, or one of our more traditional bespoke kitchens in your London townhouse,  we will deliver a stunning combination of style and functionality. Our portfolio of projects includes bespoke kitchens and handmade kitchens in London homes of all sizes, so whatever you need, we can do it.

Each piece of cabinetry used in our bespoke kitchens in London are carefully crafted from sustainably sourced birch plywood, which has an aesthetic beauty as well as stunning and impressive detail, not to mention that it has long term durability too.

Our handmade kitchens for London customers include wonderfully decorative panels and doors, made by our talent team and their traditional joinery techniques. Using high quality, solid hardwoods, our bespoke kitchens are built to last, as well as express your personal style.

When you work with us, you can trust that our bespoke kitchens for London homes are all
hand painted at our professional workshop. For handmade kitchens, our London customers are able to select colours that reflect their personal preference, with fitted kitchen units London, also customizable to taste. Our bespoke kitchens are sustainable, stylish, and suitable for London homes of many kinds.

For all your bespoke kitchen work in London, contact us today.


Bespoke Kitchen Details

When it comes to carefully crafting and creating bespoke kitchens for London customers, our team of professional joiners and carpenters set industry standards. From design to completion, our handmade kitchens grace London homes with stunning details and exquisite finishes.

Carcasses We Make

For our luxury bespoke kitchens, our London customers always get carcasses and draws that we make individually. Our customers can choose the finish they prefer for all our bespoke kitchen cabinets, meaning that all our bespoke kitchens in London homes reflect the personal taste of our customers.

Pre-finished Boards

Our handmade kitchen units for London kitchens are MFC standard, making them washable, durable, cost-effective, specially designed, and widely used in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Unfinished Boards

Some of our bespoke kitchen customers in London prefer to opt for something more natural in terms of appearance, which is when our kitchen cabinet makers in London use veneer board or plywood, each of which is finished in either oil or lacquer.

Runners and Hinges

All our luxury bespoke kitchens London placed homes are made to immaculate standards and with stunning finishes. Each of our handmade kitchens is made by designers who will always select the best runners and hinges that are available for any type of draw boxes or doors. At Jackdaw, we are committed to making sure that each of our bespoke kitchens for London clients is defined by luxury, built to look great as well as to last and stand the test of time.

Advantages of Bespoke Kitchen Joinery London

With bespoke kitchens in London homes, the choice is wide and the styles are almost endless. Whether it is building handmade kitchens from scratch or adding fitted kitchen units as part of a London kitchen makeover, there are many advantages to getting bespoke pieces for your home.

For many, the kind of bespoke kitchens we offer are based on their budget, which means that you can work out what you need and stay within that budget. With luxury bespoke kitchens London placed homes, becoming ever more popular. Our Jackdaw team continues to work closely with each client to showcase the many advantages of having this kind of tailor made kitchen.

One advantage of bespoke kitchens is that they deliver a unique look, and can be specifically designed to meet your needs and tastes. From fitted kitchen units London, to pieces made my talented kitchen cabinet makers, your home can make a real statement that reflects your taste. Another advantage is that bespoke kitchens can be made from a range of materials chosen by you, with our advice along the way.

From maximising a corner area to introducing storage enhancing fitted kitchen units, your London home can benefit from the advantages of bespoke work that gives you more room than ever before, opening up space that can transform the way you work in your home. When it comes to functionality, bespoke kitchens and luxury bespoke kitchens London, deliver advantages that off the shelf kitchens never could, form cabinet size to positions and so much more.

Put simply, luxury bespoke kitchens make London homes special, and give many advantages for homeowners.

How long does it take to make a Bespoke Kitchen London?

When it comes to making one of our luxury bespoke kitchens London for our clients, the usual time It takes is around two weeks. From your first point of contact with us our kitchen fitters and designers will discuss design schemes, draw up and develop your project and then manufacture, deliver and fit. Our handmade kitchens are made to order, delivered with care, and installed to the highest of standards, that’s the Jackdaw promise.


When it comes to creating dream handmade and bespoke kitchens, London homeowners should consider a few things, which we will discuss below:


With many of our handmade kitchens and luxury bespoke kitchens London clients want a large, walk-in larder where shelves and drawers can be configured just how they want them, some with appliances and power sockets built-in with door-activated LED downlights.


Great for a coffee machine or keeping cutlery tidy, an excellent kitchen joinery option.


For cooking enthusiasts,  bespoke kitchens can include a tailor made spice rack that represents the ideal addition to your larder.


For many bespoke kitchens, London homeowners want properly integrated lighting design that is designed to change the mood of the whole kitchen using state of the art slimline LED technology, ending the problem of dark nooks and corners.


Many luxury bespoke kitchen clients love a secret drawer, which are superb for introducing a third drawer into a two-drawer cabinet set up.


Some bespoke kitchens in London homes are specifically designed to remove that age old problem of awkward corners where pots and pans end up getting stuck. Our handmade kitchens deliver corner solutions that you will love.


Our bespoke kitchen cabinet makers London are able to make stylish cabinets that include useful drawer pegs that can add some great options for storage.


Counter-top cupboards are a popular part of many of our bespoke kitchens in Londo, Our bespoke kitchen cabinets are designed to deliver flexibility of storage and the usefulness of great preparation space, and spaces for coffee machines, toasters and kettles.


Part of any great bespoke kitchen is the ability to include appliances and embrace new technology in your kitchen. Our handmade kitchens London homes are designed to do just this.


Our bespoke kitchens can be made with a choice of materials, including marble, granite, quartz, hardwood, engineered stone and other bespoke options.  For all our handmade kitchens London, we source our worktops from independent specialists, except for the hardwood worktops as we can produce these in our workshop, making our bespoke kitchens truly unique.

How we create your bespoke kitchen & handmade kitchen in London?

In the bustling heart of London, our dedication to crafting exquisite bespoke kitchens stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of innovation and craftsmanship. Guided by a passion for design excellence, we embark on a journey to curate spaces that resonate with individuality and functionality. This section delves into the meticulous process through which we transform dreams into reality, combining the artistry of handmade creations with contemporary design principles. Join us as we unveil the intricate steps that culminate in the birth of unparalleled, tailor-made kitchens that grace homes with timeless elegance and modern utility.

Visit your home

Our bespoke kitchens in London start with a free design consultation to discuss and establish your vision and budget. Our team is committed to understanding the practicalities, features and style that are critical to create your dream bespoke kitchen in your London home.

Design & Quote

With your vision and requirements understood, we will provide a design for our bespoke kitchens for all our London customers, alongside our quote for the project, keeping your budget firmly in mind. Our handmade kitchens in London also come with our advice about cost efficient elements to consider.

Installing your kitchen

Each of our handmade kitchens in London is overseen by our dedicated project manager, from delivery to, start to finish. Jackdaw is proud to be part of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Welcome to the family

When you become a Jackdaw Joinery and Furniture Makers client, your satisfaction is our main goal, whether it’s one of our bespoke fitted kitchens in your London home or fitted kitchen units. Our after project care is always available, keeping customers happy as part of our family.

What Are Popular Elements Of Bespoke Kitchen in London?


Our bespoke kitchens London company makes bespoke kitchens that offer stunning and stylish bespoke kitchen islands London, each made with high end carpentry and designed to match your personal kitchen work needs and preferences. Whether it’s for extra food storage space or hobs and food preparation areas, our fitted kitchen unit maker can make the cabinets your London home deserves.

Bespoke Storage

When it comes to bespoke kitchens in your London house, tailor made storage can make all the difference. Whether it’s for knives, pots and pans, or any kitchenware, our handmade kitchens London can create the perfect bespoke kitchen that matches your cooking and storage needs seamlessly and stylishly.

Social Sitting and Dining

For many families, the kitchen is the social heart and entertaining hub of the home, which is why Jackdaw Joinery offers bespoke kitchens for your London home that maximises that space and transforms the way you live. Our fitted kitchen units designs offer stylish, cosy areas specially designed for social sitting and dining, making your gatherings all the more special.

Personalised Kitchen Handles

From shelves in your London flat to stylish fitted kitchen handles, our furniture maker can work with you to ensure that you get personalized kitchen handles that reflect the very best of our bespoke kitchens, that’s our promise.